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Kowloon City

July 25, 2010

Today we went back to Kowloon City, long time no see ! Usually we go there for the Thai food (we use to call this area Thai Town because it’s full of Thai restaurants). But we had chinese food this time.

Ok this is not a great post, and the pictures are not that special either, but I`m trying to shoot photos and post something on a regular basis…So sometimes there will be something interesting, sometimes not. That’s like right ?

I’m lucky, cos I have a very supporting wife, who doesn’t get too bored when I want to take pictures around 🙂

Thanks Maggie !

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  1. magidon permalink
    July 26, 2010 3:49 am

    thanks for always shooting and editing nice pics of me , i like those pics this time , its so quite and peaceful , i dont know how to express in English with those nice pictures , but i love them ..well , i m not that always supporting u all the time , sometimes i get bored xp

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