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Color Grading Video

August 15, 2010

Now something a little bit different. I like to mess around with  the colors of my pictures in lightroom and photoshop  and I also like to do the same things for my videos. But it’s not always as simple as it seems. The videos shot with the Canon 7D have a limited latitude (or dynamic range) compared to RAW photos from the same camera. If you shoot using the standard settings of the camera, the video will look very good, saturated and with a lot of contrast, but this doesn’t give you much room to play with the color grading. Instead, the idea is to shoot the video with a more flat, soft, style, less contrast, less saturation, and most important, lighter shadows. In this way, when you play with colors in After Effects, you can push the things a little more. I created my custom picture profile starting from the “Super Flat Picture Profile” and then i modified the Curve, to be only more of a Shadow Recovery than am Highlight Recovery (because unfortunately, the recovered highlights don’t look too good).

Then, if Affert Effects, I usually play with Curves, Tint, Colorista II and so on…

This is a little test I did today:

(Before and After)

And this is the final video:


OK iPhone + Plastic Bullet is fun, but the 7D + Photoshop it’s even better :-)

August 9, 2010

This is an old temple in Sheung Wan (more photos to be added later…)
I exported this photo from Lightroom to Photoshop, I wanted to mess around with cross process and sloppy borders, light leaks.. But at the end I decided that I didn’t need that…so I only added a little black rebate border and some color grade. Less is more ?

Plastic Bullet Underground

August 8, 2010

ok, sometimes it’s just easier grab the phone and take a snapshot and with plastic bullet for the iphone it’s even fun!

Thanks Stu Maschwitz and Red Giant Software

oh, and of course… thanks Maggie “Super Mario style”

P.S. these 2 photos have been shot inside the mtr (hong kong underground) platforms in Kowloon: Shek Kip Mei it’s in the Green line and Cheung Sha Wan it’s in the Red line

More shot from today’s “plastic bullet fun” (updated with 2 more shots: 11th Aug)

New Facebook profile pic:

More light leaks fun:

Hunting for people

August 6, 2010

I’ve got you!


August 6, 2010

Less guns… more hugs

Wanchai (灣仔)

August 5, 2010

People use to come over to this little green corner to take their lunch break, to smoke a cigarette with colleagues and why not… to take a nap.

But just around the corner…  the busy streets, the loud traffic, the tourists, the locals

I come here for my lunch break too and I took these 2 photos with the iPhone.

So I`m a little bit tourist and a little bit local.


The man in the photo is a gardener (most likely) . Wanchai has a lot of them around the streets, even though there is not that much green to take care of.

New header image

August 5, 2010

This is a quick shot I took couple of months ago on the streets of Hung Hom (紅磡).

I thought it could work as new header (I’ve changed the blog theme last week and I needed to replace the old header with a wider one). I think I wish I`ll change the header frequently with new photos.

Back to the picture, Hung Hom is a pretty interesting place and we come over here ofter (some of our family lives in this area). I should spend some more time in the neighborhood and take some more shot at the places and people. Stay tuned.

Jou Tau ~ Good Night